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We are all made of stardust.

How do you want to be remembered? How do you celebrate a departed loved one who spent their life exploring and adventuring? We are all made of stardust. So when the time comes, why not let our dust return to the stars?

Ascension Flights is the premier space scattering service. Created by the world’s leading Near Space flight experts, our flight system carries the ashes to the edge of space and scatters them in a gentle cascade using our unique, purpose-designed scattering device.

Carried around the world by stratospheric winds, they will circle through the heavens before finally returning to Earth in rainfall and snowflakes.

The ascent and moment of release can even be captured on video and made into a beautiful memorial film for you to treasure and share.

How it works

The Ascension Flights system has four sections, each with a specific function.

  • The flight train comprises the custom space-capable balloon and the parachute deployment system.
  • The dual tracking system allows us to monitor the location of the flight system in real-time throughout the journey and recover every single flight.
  • The scatter mechanism contains the ashes and scatters them in a controlled dispersal once the target altitude is reached.
  • The dual camera pod system ensures a stunning capture of the moment of release.

Our flight train and tracking system have been developed and perfected in our work as Sent Into Space. We have conducted over 400 flights in the last 8 years and maintain a 100% recovery record.

The scatter mechanism was designed and built specifically to protect and scatter ashes. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our results, which is why we spent over two years testing and refining the mechanism until we were certain we could provide a perfect service every time.

Ascension Packages

Any of the following packages can be added to your Pride Practical™, Pride Simplified™, Pride Essential™ and Pride Plus™ funeral plan


Serenity Launch


Our Serenity Launch is flown from a beautiful site in Sheffield, UK. The ashes are carried inside the balloon and scattered across the Earth from over 100,000 feet as the balloon bursts. Your friends and family can attend and be a part of the launch.

The Serenity Launch does not include a video memorial.


Memorial Launch


Our Memorial Launch is flown from our site in Sheffield. Our flight system carries the ashes into space and films their release with our bespoke scatter mechanism. After the flight is completed, our in-house editing team will produce a stunning video memorial with footage from the launch, set to music of your choice.

You and your guests are welcome to attend and be a part of the launch.


Personal Launch

£3095, plus travel

Our Personal Launch allows you to choose your own launch location. We’ll work with you to find a suitable date, time and location that’s important to you and your loved ones. The Personal Launch includes all the features of the Memorial Launch, including the memorial video.

Behind the scenes

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